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Is the Tikka T3X Superlite the Ultimate Lightweight Hunting Rifle?

Updated: Jan 2

Welcome back to Hunt Fish Shoot! Good to be back from SHOT Show 2022 and into the normal grind. This was filmed just before we left and it’s the Tikka T3x Superlite chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum. This rifle is in the Tikka Veil camo pattern.

Sporting a 24 inch sporter contour barrel and the T3x action which people know and love this is one light rifle. As you see in the video with a bipod, scope and rings it weighs exactly 8lbs and is just under 6 lbs bare. Built for the mountain hunter or anyone who doesn’t want to break their back with a heavy target rifle.

The Tikka Superlite features a detachable box magazine which holds three rounds of 300 WM and can be upgraded for a larger capacity one. It has an excellent trigger with a Sako or Tikka standard safety. The grip angle can be changed for more vertical angles as well. Tikka ships all their rifles with a 3 shot sub MOA guarantee. However, this was not the case for us unfortunately. The rifle could barely shoot an MOA using Hornady Precision Hunter, Federal Terminal Ascent, and Federal Power Shok. As we all know 300 Win Mag ammo can be scarce and recoil is very stiff on this rifle so a follow up review will be inbound. This rifle left us disappointed because we have never shot a Tikka product which doesn’t shoot well. The rifle will be cleaned and all the mounts checked, including the action screws and then we will do some more accuracy testing. Don’t get us wrong it doesn’t shoot bad, but it doesn’t shoot as well as it should. So if you are interested, stay tuned for an update!

We've reviewed the Tikka T3x Tac A1, Sako, S20 Hunter, Ruger American, Christensen Mesa, Browning X-Bolt... When it comes to gun reviews and hunting rifles you can come to Hunt Fish Shoot! We will be reviewing the Springfield Waypoint and the Benelli Lupo very soon!

Thank you for catching up as always and we appreciate all of you, new and loyal followers! Enjoy living the Hunt Fish Shoot lifestyle as we will continue living ours!


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