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The Shadow Systems XR920P | Everything The Glock 17 Wishes it Could Be...

We all know Glock hasn't contributed anything to the modern pistol market in quite some time. Sure Glock is well known for their various models, but Shadow Systems has capitalized on Glock perfection by producing pistols that blow a stock Glock pistol out of the water. Shadow Systems produces the CR920 (G43), MR920 (G19), MR920L (G49), XR920 (G45 or G19X), DR920 (G17) and the DR920L (G34). All of these pistols are Glock clones, yet feature a host of improvements and design changes to a stock Glock 19, Glock 17, Glock 43, Glock 45, Glock 49, and Glock 19X. Is Shadow Systems copying a timeless design and adding incremental improvements? They sure are, but what else has Shadow Systems done? They developed models Glock and no one else on the market produces with the Glock striker-fired pistol design.

Enter the all-new XR920P! This all-new compensated full-size 9mm pistol is a welcomed addition to a robust comped pistol lineup. Previously the CR920P and DR920P were the only compensated pistol offerings but this new XR920P fills a void. It fills a void where folks may want a comped duty pistol or a full-size defensive pistol with the overall size profile like a DR920 or Glock 17. No pistol is worth a design change or new addition if it doesn't perform and the XR920P performs!

Graced with the normal Shadow Systems improvements of a trigger, grip texture, grip design beavertail, heavily machined and lightened slide, multi-optics footprint, and night sights, the XR920P is already ahead of the game. Add in the fact it shoots like a modded Glock 45 housing the Radian Ramjet and Afterburner combo, this thing is one flat shooter. Whether it's a modded G45 or Parker Mountain Machine JTTC Comp combo, this XR920P offers a factory comped pistol option backed by a full factory warranty. This is vastly different compared to voided warranties and extra money on parts to a factory G45 or G19X. The XR920P is one of the cleanest looking comped pistols on the market and shoots with the best of them.

We are very impressed with how it performs with the cheapest 9mm 115-grain ammo or 147 +P Winchester Ranger LE ammo. Setup with a Holosun 507C and Streamlight TLR1 HL pistol light, this XR920P would make one hell of a duty pistol or defensive pistol for the most professional end user.

Shadow Systems knocked it out of the park for this SHOT show 2024 release and we are pumped to have gotten one pre-release to make a video and tell you all about it. We can guarantee anyone who shoots the XR920P will not be disappointed! This pistol rocks and you can bet Shadow Systems will continue listening to its customer base when it comes to what they develop.


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