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Keepin’ It Real With Our Audience

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

All of us at Hunt Fish Shoot are normal guys, who work a full time job in conjunction with our YouTube Channel and social media presence. Why is this important? I can pledge to you right now, that who we are today is who we will always be. We will not be the gun owners who think you need to spend more than the next person to get good stuff. We will not be sellouts for products we don’t believe in, nor support.

The beauty of gun ownership is no matter your budget, there is something high quality for you. I will be the first to admit, I love expensive, high end guns. Yet, one of the best shooting rifles in my safe is a $400 Ruger American Predator chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Cost and being “better“ do not always equate. There are so many fantastic options on the market whether you are a professional end user or someone who likes plinking at the range.

With the growth of Hunt Fish Shoot you will see our capacity to feature many different firearms and gear expand. I have my own personal opinions and I try my best to always stay objective. Sure I have my favorite CCW gun, duty pistol, rifle, AR or shotgun, but allowing personal biases or what I shoot best cloud an objective review of the weapon isn't fair to all of you. This does not mean when using these different guns and there is an issue or I think there is a legitimate flaw, you will all be made aware. If there is a manufacturing or assembly issue, a continuing flaw, then a follow-up review will be done.

Let's pause and take a moment to recognize a product that is new to Hunt Fish Shoot, and that’s the AXIL GS Extreme 2.0. We've recently switched to AXIL for all of our hearing protection needs and we wholeheartedly support their products. All four of us wear them during our range time and production shoots and they've really been a game changer in regards to comfort and communication abilities on the range. Click on the picture above to head over to AXILs' website and be sure to use promo code HFS15 to save yourself 15%! Ok, sorry about that... back to the blog!

The firearms industry is extremely competitive and that is a good thing! This forces companies to push innovation or even produce products at a better cost to the consumer. People often times get so wrapped up in name brand and cost of said brand to then beat up on someone who is using something cheaper. I always tell people to buy the best you can afford when purchasing a self defense firearm and then to ask themselves how much is my life or someone else's life worth. If its a hunting rifle or shotgun, buy what you can afford, or live by the cliche mantra "Buy once, cry once". But I will warn you, that is a slippery slope, especially if you are talking about rifle scopes or Benelli, Beretta or Franchi shotguns. (Italians make the best shotguns, change my mind.)

I sincerely hope you all enjoy our content and what we have created thus far, as well as the future. We are just regular guys from all different backgrounds trying to do some dreaming, and build a following. Thank you as always for following along with the Hunt Fish Shoot life and keep on keepin’ on!


Hunt Fish Shoot


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