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NEW Springfield Armory 1911

Welcome back to Hunt Fish Shoot! This time we are reviewing the new Springfield Armory Operator 1911. This 1911 is chambered in .45 ACP and full of awesome features to make it a heck of a defensive handgun.

As of late many of you may have noticed it seems like Springfield Armory has renamed and reproduced pistols in an almost rebranding. While this may seem true to some extent, many of the models of old are now updated and come in at better price points than previous. Nevertheless, let's take a look at this new Springfield pistol.

The 1911 Operator closely mirrors the Springfield Elite Operator which we reviewed almost 2 years ago now. The Operator has a stainless match barrel with a traditional throat cut and cut into the frame with now barrel ramp. This gun proved very accurate for us and ran reliably whether it was wadcutters or standard ball ammo. And boy was it fun to see those steel targets getting hammered.

With the operator you will get an ambidextrous safety which we all know have been lacking on the past new releases. There is a tactical racking edge on the rear two dot sight and a tritium front sight post for low light operations. The rail on the front of the gun will allow you to easily attach your favorite pistol light. The pistol is done in a Cerakote black finish and looks as great as it performs. Finally the pistol will ship with two 8 round Mec-Gar bump pad magazines and super grippy G-10 grips.

This is one sweet looking pistol. We've reviewed quite a few of their 1911's (Springfield Garrison 1911, Springfield Emissary 1911, Springfield Ronin Operator, Springfield Elite Operator, Springfield EMP, plus more) and honestly this is one of the best 1911 pistols that we have reviewed thus far! We hope you enjoy our Springfield Operator 1911 review as much as we did! As always thank you for watching and stay tuned until next time with Hunt Fish Shoot.


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