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The Ultimate Defensive Shotgun: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol


The Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol has changed the game. It has brought the best shotgun for the tactical market for everyone’s hard earned money. This shotgun features everything you would expect for a defensive shotgun while implementing Beretta’s time tested action and function.


The A300 Ultima Patrol features a lightning fast action, oversized bolt release and bolt charging handled, enlarged loading port and large perfectly shaped lifter. To make things even more appealing, this 12 gauge shotgun looks appealing with the gray cerakote and aggressive gripping surfaces. Nothing is left out. The fore end houses a 7 round capacity in the tube, mlok slots and a QD socket on the barrel clamp.


No shotgun would be worth the coin if it doesn’t function 100 percent reliably. Well, let me tell you, this beast of a shotgun ran 200 rounds of whatever we could feed it for this review without one single hiccup! That’s what you need when your life is on the line and you pick up the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol to defend those you care about.

Our Setup:

Setup with a 6 round shell placard from Esstac, Reptilia ACRO/MPS plate, Steiner MPS and an HRT AWLS weapon lite, this thing is fit for duty on the law enforcement front. To make things even better, the aftermarket accessories world is vast when it comes to the A300 as many parts from the 1301 fit!

Personal Feelings & Closing Remarks:

I would be happy to carry this thing over any crusty Remington 870 pump shotgun, Mossberg 930 Tactical! In fact I would question why Beretta would make a direct competitor to the venerable 1301 Tactical shotgun when this thing is considerably cheaper and just as effective. I'll go out on a limb and say nothing in the world is a better tactical shotgun for the money, than the A300 Ultima Patrol.

In summary, take everything Beretta has brought to the table, throw centuries of heritage in making the finest shotguns in the world, build a tactical shotgun in the USA and then offer it at every man’s blue collar price tag and you get the A300 Ultima Patrol! This thing gets our full seal of approval without a fraction of the doubt whether is for a police officer, home defense or STHF!


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