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Thoughts For Opening Day

In Ohio, opening day is in less than 24hours. Here’s a few things to remember when you go out this year…

Don’t forget your roots. Most of us were introduced to the outdoors by a grandfather, dad, mom, uncle, friend, or significant other. This introduction or upbringing plays a significant role as to who you are as an outdoorsman and is a key component to why you’re here right now doing what you love.

Growing up, our family was made up of only girls. None

of the girls liked to do the outdoor things like grandpa did, except me. My grandpa introduced me to fishing when I was “knee high to a grasshopper”.

We started out with the typical barbie doll rod with a bobber and a worm, and quickly ended up trolling for salmon on Lake Michigan together.

I never questioned the things he did such as creating lists, looking over gear (for what felt like the 100th time), and walking down certain paths to the boat in the morning.

As I got older, I realized there was a method to his madness and I adopted those same patterns. I create lists to ensure I have all the things I need the night before a hunt or a fishing trip, I look over my gear to make sure everything is in check and up to standard…. As for walking down a certain path, he was just anal and didn’t want dirt on his pristine 31ft Tiara.

We are the way we are because of these people, and we do the things we love so much because one day they decided to welcome us into the outdoor world.

Be still and be in the moment. As the shadows of “I swear there’s a deer” turn into logs on the ground, and morning dew dries up, enjoy every second. These are the moments we get to step away from the every day hustle and just exist in nature. I will never forget the first few times I was in a tree with my boyfriend Nick, and I experienced the woods coming to life as daylight approached.

Your senses become hyper-aware of everything around you. Little creatures scurrying along logs, the sounds of the birds as light began to shine through the trees, and the smell of fresh air. I couldn’t believe that taking me out of the daily world and throwing me into a tree would change my entire perspective of the outdoors and the animals that inhabit them.

How do you describe to someone what its like to be in nature, when nature doesn’t know you’re there? Not many people today have a first hand understanding of the way that animals really act in their environment. Use this time to shut down your thoughts, observe every detail in your surroundings, and just exist in that moment… this is our church.

Most importantly, have fun. It’s easy to get frustrated over that doe that just blew your cover, or annoyed by your buddy that drank too much coffee and has to get down from the tree to do the royal squat. There are only so many days of the year, and so many years of our lives that we get to do these things. Take it seriously, but enjoy the ride. Create memories, build friendships, learn from mistakes, and HAVE FUN.

Stay safe, and good luck to all of those going out this year!


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